AZBC6 Western Arizona Practice


Veterinary practice

3 exam rooms
$1,300,000 in annual collections

If you want recreation and a huge paycheck, this is the one. Imagine getting up in the morning and driving over to your spacious 3200 sq. ft.. You’ve got plenty of room with 3 exam rooms, and you’ve bought a practice grossing over $1.3 million in annual revenue. You have a hard working associate, and the practice has only been operating Monday thru Friday. Hmmm, keep the hours the same or throw in a couple of Saturdays??? This well equipped practice has roots in the community having been established in 1972, but don’t let that fool you, this isn’t your grandpa’s practice. Its well equipped and making 2021 level profit. You’re less than 3 hours to baseball, football, basketball and everything else you can imagine in Phoenix and less than 2 hours to the world’s greatest shows in Las Vegas. Nestled along the Colorado River, outdoor recreation is unprecedented. The median price is less than $300,000! 2020 gross revenue was $1.35 million. 2021 on tract to do even more. That isn’t a typo. Imagine putting $100K in your retirement every year and still making over $300,000!

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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