General Dental Practice For Sale - Albany (Capital District), NY

Price available upon request

General practice

4 operatories
$419,652 in annual collections

Well established, newly renovated/remodeled, well equipped, dental practice situated in an ideal central location of the Capital District near SUNY/State Offices, Crossgate Mall, and Stuyvestant Plaza.  Total office is 1400 sq/ft with 4 large ops that are mainly general, with limited cosmetics, perio, endo, and oral surgery.  Pays self $4000 in rent/month.  Only open 3.5 days per/wk.  Strong staff with loyal patients with long-standing and experienced staff.  Plenty of room to grow, expand, and increase dental services.  Averages 15 new patients per month.  90% insurance with 10% FFS.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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