Teague General Dentist Practice

For sale

General practice

5 operatories
3600 sq. ft.
$600,000 in annual collections

Historic Rural Dental Practice with Modern Facilities in Texas - A unique opportunity has arisen to own a storied piece of Texas healthcare history. This rural family dental practice, the sole provider in its town, boasts a remarkable legacy of over 100 years in operation. It has cultivated a robust patient base through a mix of Fee-for-Service (FFS), PPO, and Medicaid, showcasing its wide-reaching appeal and dependable service within the community.

Key to its lasting success is the comprehensive range of procedures offered, including hygiene services, crowns, composite restorations, and extractions. This variety ensures the practice meets the diverse needs of its patients, reinforcing its status as a cornerstone of local healthcare.

The practice operates out of a spacious 3,600 sq ft facility, which houses five fully-equipped operatories. There is ample room for expansion within this space, presenting a tangible opportunity for growth.

Despite its rich history, the practice has kept pace with the advancements in dental technology. It is fitted with Intra Oral Cameras, Digital Panoramic X-ray machines, and other cutting-edge equipment, blending its traditional roots with modern efficiency and precision.

Financially, the practice demonstrates robust health, with a 10% revenue growth year over year, and a total revenue of $600k. This growth trajectory underscores the practice's sustainable success and potential for further development.

This sale represents more than just a business transaction; it's an invitation to become a pivotal part of a wonderful Texas community, carrying forward a legacy of healthcare excellence while also embracing the potential for modern expansion and innovation.To learn more about this practice, please fill out the form and the NDA agreement.

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